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into_the_woods's Journal

Into The Woods Tonight - X-Files Rewatch
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This is a rewatch community for The X-Files.
And the force summoned Teresa Nemman into the woods tonight"


Do you remember that infamous blooper? Gillian Anderson, drenched to the bones, struggling with her lines, encouraged by an equally soaked David Duchovny? Do you remember how young and enthusiastic they were back then, and the pure joy that burst out of them once they got it right?

It is in the spirit of this moment that we're starting this little rewatch community.

To keep it simple and manageable, we'll be watching 1 episode a week in order of air-date starting with (duh!) the Pilot on January the 17th. Sunday nights will be when the current week's episode will be "airing" and posting for that episode will begin at roughly 6 pm GMT (although I doubt we'll be strict about this - so go ahead and post without calculating the actual time in your time zone). Any post on anything regarding that particular episode is acceptable as are posts about previously "aired" episodes - however we do ask that you keep the random *squeeing* posts to a minimum for past episodes.

Since this is a re-watch, please try to avoid any major discussions regarding future episodes. Yes, we've probably all seen The X-Files multiple times and know exactly what is coming next, but let's try to relive a little of the magic of seeing the plot-lines unfolding week by week.

If you need a calendar - it's here: CALENDAR POST

Community rules can be found here: RULES

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